What is the positioning accuracy of IndoorAtlas?

The accuracy depends on the building’s magnetic field information, radio (WiFi & BLE) sigal environment and how much effort you put to the fingerprinting phase. Typical tracking accuracy is 2-3 meters

Can I use IndoorAtlas outdoors?

Yes. Indoor-outdoor detection has been a built-in feature of the IndoorAtlas SDK since version 2.6. When outdoors, the system seamlessly switches to GPS.

Can I use different handsets for mapping and positioning?

Yes. Positioning on a map produced on a high-quality mapping device is possible on almost any smartphone – accuracy might vary depending on the quality of the device’s sensors. See our list of recommended mapping devices for more information.

Is IndoorAtlas technology patented?

IndoorAtlas technology is patented. We have globally more than 30 patents pending, and several essential patents granted.

Does IndoorAtlas work in all types of buildings?

The IndoorAtlas’ technology fuses WiFi and BLE signals with positioning based on magnetic field variations and pedestrian dead reconing (PDR). The magnetic field variations are most typically observed in buildings with steel frame construction, which enables leveraging magnetic positioning on most modern buildings. However sufficient WiFi or BLE coverage is also crucial for a good positioning experience.


Can I use iPhone to do mapping

No. Apple does not allow applications to access Wi-Fi information. IndoorAtlas provides mapping application for Android device only.

Why the gyro calibration stays in 0% with the MapCreator2 app.

This is usually a symptom of a non-functioning gyroscope, or your device might be lacking a hardware gyroscope. Virtual gyroscope doesn’t provide the detailed data we need in map generation. Please try rebooting your device and make sure your device is supported.

Can I use multiple devices to collect the map data for a venue?

Yes. You can use multiple devices for collecting data by logging into the same account with multiple devices. This enables you to collect the map data as a team effort.

How accurately I need to align a floor plan with geo-coordinates in the map tool?

You should align the floor plan as accurately as possible. This will ensure the best possible experience for you. If there is a large deviation in the alignment, the positioning will fail.

How long does the map generation take?

The map generation time depends on the size of the map. The generation may take only a few minutes or it might take few hours in case the map has hundreds of paths. If you don’t want to wait for map generation to finish, you can close the IndoorAtlas Mobile app – the map generation continues on the cloud service. Once the map has been generated, you can start navigating. If the dot doesn’t appear automatically on your floorplan when you open it on MapCreator, the generation might not be ready yet.

Do I have to repeat mapping after first time?

If the venue goes through a major structural change, e.g., steel structures are being modified or large steel objects like shelves are being relocated, you may need to re-map the areas that have gone through modifications.

Which devices are supported for mapping?

Minimum requirements for a mapping tool with MapCreator 2 is to have Android OS-version 5.0 or later and three sensors: accelerometer, magnetometer and gyroscope (hardware sensor, a virtual one is not enough for an accurate map). Almost all modern high-end smartphones have these sensors. Mapping with an Android device will also enable the magnetic map for iOS applications. See our list of recommended mapping devices for more information.

What image file formats the map tool support?

We recommend to use .PNG or .JPG files for now. There may be some problems with other bitmap formats.

Where can I find the floorplan ID?

Sign into your IndoorAtlas account at app.indooratlas.com, open your location and you will see the floorplanID of each floor.

Why I cannot see the details of my building in the satellite view of the map tool?

In some geographic areas the quality of satellite images can be low and it’s not possible to see buildings with enough details to align floor plan images. Please, try to change the map view from the bottom right of the Map tool on our web-site to find the best map view with enough details. The current options are: Mapbox Street/Satellite, and HERE Street/Satellite. You can also use geo-coordinates to place your floorplan image – you can add lock points to your floorplan image and add the corresponding geo-coordinates from the 'Exact coordinates' menu

Why the distance between two waypoints seem to be wrong?

This a symptom caused by an error in the alignment of the floor plan image with the geo-coordinates. Ensure you have aligned your floor plan image accurately over the world map. You can see the size of your floorplan in meters as you align it on the world map, and you can also measure the distance between two waypoints in MapCreator2 by tapping the waypoints one after the other.


Can IndoorAtlas automatically select a floorplan for me in a multi-story building?

Yes. Our SDK automatically detects floor changes and invokes a callback method when this occurs.

Can IndoorAtlas’ solution use Wi-Fi signals for positioning?

IndoorAtlas location technology uses a patented sensor fusion algorithm combining every source of position-related data with a basis in magnetic field sensing for universal, accurate positioning. Wi-Fi and other radio signals are used for rough position sensing as well when platform limitations allow that. We recommend use of supported Android devices for initial mapping to prepare a venue for positioning.

Positioning doesn't work, why?

If the positioning doesn’t work, you may want to check that 1) The device is supported by IndoorAtlas 2) You have a working Internet connection 3) The floor plan image has been aligned correctly to geo-coordinates. 4) The positioning will fail if the floor plan image is randomly placed over the world map in an arbitrary scale, for example 5) The floor plan image is correctly proportioned 6) You keep the device approximately in the portrait orientation, pointing to the walking direction 7) Ensure the map data has been collected for all areas where you are using the positioning.

Why I have to walk in order to get the location fix?

IndoorAtlas technology is using the history of magnetic field observations for computing the precise location. This means that the device needs to move some distance in order to collect enough data to converge to a correct location estimate, i.e., to have a location fix. We are constantly improving our service to decrease the time needed for the first location fix.