Recording paths

This is the main data collection phase. The recorded paths are used to generate the signal maps that enable indoor positioning

  1. Choose your starting waypoint by tapping and place yourself in the center of the starting waypoint; zoom close enough to see the exact spot.

  2. Start mapping by tapping on the starting waypoint and clicking the start button.

  3. Walk to the next waypoint and click on it as you’re approaching.

    • Note that when you start walking from the first point your route won’t be drawn in the map. Even though the dot does not yet follow you, keep walking.
    • Keep the tip of your phone pointing to the direction you walk
    • Keep your phone orientation stable while walking – keeping the hand holding the phone close to your body helps.
  4. When you arrive at the second waypoint and your device is precisely in the center point, check yourself into the waypoint by pressing the button in the middle. MapCreator 2.0 will show an estimation of your walked path.

  5. Make sure you watch the following video tutorial!