Interface IAARObject

  • @Restricted
    public interface IAARObject
    IAARObject represents the coordinates (i.e., a model matrix) of an object in the AR coordinate system. These coordinates can change based on position updates computed by the IndoorAtlas SDK, but the coordinates do not change immediately on each position update, but gradually in a visually pleasing manner. NOTE! To enable AR features, please contact IndoorAtlas sales.
    • Method Detail

      • updateModelMatrix

        boolean updateModelMatrix​(float[] outputModelMatrix)
        Get the current model matrix for this object.
        outputModelMatrix - Output: a 4x4 homogeneous model-to-world matrix. Column-major format. Must contain exactly 16 elements.
        true if the outputModelMatrix was set and the object can be displayed, false if the model matrix is not available or object should not be displayed for some other reason.