Interface IALocationListener

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    public interface IALocationListener
    Used for receiving locations from the IALocationManager when location has changed.

    Sample usage:

          mLocationListener = new IALocationListener() {
              public void onLocationChanged(IALocation location) {
                  // handle location change
              public void onStatusChanged(String provider, int status, Bundle extras) {
                  // handle service status change
          mLocationManager.requestLocationUpdates(IALocationRequest.create(), mLocationListener);

    • Method Detail

      • onLocationChanged

        void onLocationChanged​(IALocation location)
        Called when the location has changed.

        There are no restrictions on the use of the supplied location object

        location - the new location
      • onStatusChanged

        void onStatusChanged​(String provider,
                             int status,
                             Bundle extras)
        Called when provider status changes.
        provider - always IndoorAtlas
        status - current status of the service, see IALocationManager for STATUS_XXX constants
        extras - an optional Bundle which contains extra status variables