SDK 2.0 Release information


All platforms

Redesigned, easier to integrate API.

Automatic positioning initialization when in mapped venues. Previously required venue and floorplan initialization parameters are now optional.

Automatically detected venue and floor information will be signaled to apps as a region change, enabling apps to react appropriately (such as by changing the displayed floor map).

Redesigned calibration control mechanism to provide wider device support and adaptation to new devices without SDK updates required for developer apps.

New asynchronous, faster, more flexible and more robust network communication protocol.

New documentation site at


New API modeled after Android LocationManager. Location updates are API compatible with applications already using other location based services such as Google Maps API.

Significantly re-implemented core functionality for greater reliability.

SDK will autonomously maintain network connection without need of additional logic in app code.

New calibration control mechanism improves positioning performance on a range of devices including several Samsung Galaxy models. It also enables implementing new calibration rules without SDK updates from the cloud side.

New example code and tutorials including getting started guides.

Support for applications mixing in native 64bit code from other SDKs.


New API modeled after iOS Core Location.

Significantly re-implemented core functionality for greater reliability.

New example code and tutorials including getting started guides.

Limited support for automatic venue detection via platform location and connected Wifi network, as restricted by iOS.

New services

Automatic venue and floor detection implemented in the IndoorAtlas cloud positioning service. We will now automatically search for probable venue and floor based on environmental hints, without any application initialization data required. This enables developing applications which make use of accurate indoor location in any mapped venues without a requirement to prepare each app for positioning venue-by-venue.

Positioning sessions may now span multiple floors, building sections, or even venues, with automatic transitions signaled to apps as region change events.

End of life notices

In April of this year at version 1.4 release, we announced end of support for SDK version 0.7 and will be shutting down 0.7 servers during November.

Versions 1.3 and 1.4 will continue to be supported until further notice, although we strongly encourage updating apps to use the new 2.0 SDK version due to improved performance. Our commitment to support previous major version extends for a minimum of six months from each end of life notice, and we will be contacting developers using versions 1.x separately to discuss upgrade timelines.