SDK 3.1 Release Information


Full offline positioning

Unlike the previous SDK version, SDK 3.1 does not require internet connection on each application run. In most cases, it is enough that the app has been succesfully initialized and the map data loaded once. Subsequent runs of the application can start in an internet dead zone. Updates to maps are downloaded on a best-effort basis.

Running without ever connecting to the internet is now also possible, but activating this feature requires you to contact IndoorAtlas sales.

Cloud geofences

Geofence editor

In addition to the dynamic geofences, which have been available since SDK 2.5, static geofences can now also be defined conveniently in the IndoorAtlas cloud using the new geofence editor in the web application. Geofences defined in the cloud are automatically downloaded by the SDK which makes them easy to use.

See the API documentation (Android or iOS) for more information.

Performance improvements

Various factors affecting of positioning performance have improved since the previous SDK version. Especially

  • indoor-outdoor detection
  • background positioning accuracy
  • and first fix accuracy (on Android)

have been improved.

On iOS, running on background is also more convenient due to the new allowsBackgroundLocationUpdates switch.

Setup instructions

Android Set the SDK version

compile ''

iOS Change the Podfile to use

source ''
platform :ios, '8.0'
pod 'IndoorAtlas', '3.1.4'