SDK 2.9 Release Information


Wayfinding made easy

A few months back we released our first wayfinding beta plug-in, which provided the core routing algorithms, but required the app developer to handle the provisioning of the wayfinding graphs manually.

In SDK 2.9, wayfinding is fully integrated to the SDK with a new, easy-to-use API and, most importantly, the wayfinding graphs are handled under the hood. Just draw them in the editor and they are downloaded by the IndoorAtlas SDK automatically. Once the graphs have been downloaded, wayfinding works offline, like a big part of the positioning nowadays. The routing algorithms have also been tweaked to provide better navigation experience to your users.

Last stop before full offline

We are happy to inform you that our journey towards an autonomous cloud-independent, i.e., offline, SDK is progressing well and many of the interesting upgrades necessary in the offline world have already been implemented in SDK 2.9. In particular:

  • Floor plan changes can now happen offline
  • API is forward compatible with the first full-offline SDK
  • Full venue meta data is available through the SDK
  • Floor plan meta data does not need to be fetched asynchronously, but is already available in the relevant region events
  • New and better APIs for controlling indoor-outdoor detection and floor levels
  • General performance improvements while offline

Lots of new stuff. But to make it full offline, some things also have to go. All the previously available features still work in SDK 2.9 but some of them have been now flagged as deprecated and will be removed in the next SDK version.

See our 2.9 migration guide for a comprehensive discussion of how the new APIs work to take advantage of the new features and learn how to replace the deprecated ones in your code so you’ll be ready when the full offline SDK is released.


Full documentation

Setup instructions

Android Set the SDK version to the latest release in Gradle

compile ''

iOS Change the Podfile to use

pod 'IndoorAtlas', '~> 2.9.4'