SDK 2.2 Release information


All platforms

Developer-configurable capability to produce a client-side position and bearing estimate updates more than once per second. Benefit: a map/blue-dot focused application can have a much smoother frame rate and position refresh.

Liberations to orientation requirements. Movement tracking is improved while phone is not held display upwards.

Further improvements to network handling, again making SDK performance in weak network conditions more reliable. Combined with client-side estimates, limited capability to work when network connectivity is lost momentarily.


Position is initialized with more information sources for faster first fix.

Download: Android SDK 2.2.4

API documentation, SDK 2.2.4 API has not changed since 2.2.2: 2.2.2


Early sensor calibration immediately after SDK init, before location updates have been enabled and also does calibration when application enters foreground. Benefit: more accurate first fix and movement tracking. Release is available in CocoaPods.

Download: iOS SDK 2.2.3

API documentation: 2.2.3

Example app for combining IndoorAtlas magnetic positioning with existing iBeacon deployments.

Example app for using IndoorAtlas positioning in a Swift app.