SDK 3.0 Release Information


Offline positioning

It’s finally here. The 3.x series of IndoorAtlas SDKs runs the state-of-the-art positioning algorithms in the device. Network breaks are no longer an issue, and accurate magnetic-aided tracking is available uninterrupted.

If you have already completed the migration to 2.9 the new, supercharged SDK 3.0 is a drop-in replacement, just change the version number and you have offline positioning. Also notice that the new SDK 3.0 is smaller than the online SDK and it won’t melt you battery either - network communication is quite expensive compared to clever sensor fusion algorithms.

Setup instructions

Android Enable the IndoorAtlas public beta repository

repositories {
    maven {
        url  ""

and set the SDK version

compile ''

iOS Change the Podfile to use

source ''
platform :ios, '8.0'
pod 'IndoorAtlas', '3.0.3'

What’s next

The SDK 3.0 uses the internet for authentication and downloading the map data (if the latest version is not already cached), but running without any connection to the internet is now technically possible. If you are interested in such true offline capabilities, contact IndoorAtlas sales. This feature will be released as 3.1 Q3 and is available to our enterprise customers.