SDK 2.1 Release information


All Platforms

Device battery consumption has been reduced significantly when device is stationary.

Explicit position API extended to support multi-floor venue settings and floor numbers in addition to single-floor usage.

Significant improvements to the cloud-side automatic venue and floor detection.

Re-introduced status signals for sensor calibration quality for apps which benefit from monitoring it.

Several improvements, bug fixes and algorithm updates to the SDK libraries.

Preparatory technology upgrades to support upcoming significant cloud positioning performance releases.

New mapping and app management web tools at


Calibration quality and service availability are now reported via IALocationListener#onStatusChanged


IALocationManager is now a singleton class with only one instance shared within application.

Added calibration quality indicator in to API via IALocationManagerDelegate:calibrationQualityChanged:

Supports iOS 7.0 and greater

SDK examples use MKOverlayRenderer instead of deprecated MKOverlayView.

IAFloorPlan is serializable with NSCoding

End of life notices

Coinciding with this 2.1 release, we are announcing the End Of Life for version 1.3 SDK, originally released in 2014. According to our usage statistics, this is a non-service-impacting end of life, with no remaining live customer applications on version 1.3.

Version 1.4 SDK will continue to be supported until further notice, although we strongly encourage you to update your apps to version 2.1 SDK due to improved performance. Our commitment to support previous major version extends for a minimum of six months from each end of life notice, and we will be contacting developers using version 1.4 separately to discuss upgrade timelines.