SDK 3.3 Release Information


New features

In SDK 3.3, we have added support for some rather exciting new features:

  • Core Location Fusion (iOS). In venues with Apple indoor positioning, we can improve the positioning performance compared to Apple’s WiFi-based system without any added infrastructure. As always, Android positioning is also supported in such venues without extra infrastructure using IndoorAtlas technology.

  • Encrypted iBeacons are now supported. They reduce the risk of 3rd parties being able to use your beacon deployments for their purposes.

  • Completely revised indoor-outdoor detection algorithm: Using the new algorithm requires some outdoor fingerprinting. When enabled, it can deliver very good performance.

  • The positioning services are again fully usable also from Mainland China

To use the new features, please contact IndoorAtlas sales & support to learn where they are available (Core Location Fusion) and to obtain instructions on how to use them.

Under the hood

SDK 3.3 has enabled us to clear a lot of technical debt from the SDK 2.x era, especially in our iOS codebase, which allows us to move a bit faster with the development again.