SDK 2.4 GA Release information


Orientation API

API for observing device’s orientation and heading.

SDK 2.4 includes a new API which provides information of device’s heading and 3D orientation. This API can be utilized e.g. in Virtual Reality (VR) and Augmented Reality (AR) applications. See example in Android SDK Examples or iOS SDK Examples repository.


Heading indicates the direction the phone y-axis points towards. The phone y-axis is “up” when holding the phone normally in portrait mode. The heading angle has the same definition as the bearing angle, where 0 is north, 90 is east, and so on. In contrast to bearing, which indicates direction of walking and hence reacts more slowly, heading reacts quicly to any movement of the device. More information on heading, course and bearing, read here.

3D Orientation

The full orientation of the device in ENU coordinates is given by the orientation quaternion. The given quaternion can be used to project from phone sensor coordinates to local ENU (east, north, up) coordinates.

The heading and orientation provided by IndoorAtlas takes into account the local variations in the magnetic field and can be more precise and stable than what is provided by Android and iOS platforms currently.

Background Usage

API for delivering location updates while UI is paused.

Android SDK provides possibility to request location updates to be delivered using a PendingIntent. This allows applications to subscribe to location updates and have the results to be delivered e.g. to a Service. When using this style of subscription, application must take care of unsubscribing when location updates are no longer needed.

Note that power saving mechanisms such as Doze Mode may limit how much processing time application is allowed when device is stationary or has it’s screen turned off.


Gradle setup for Android

repositories {
    maven {
        url  ""
compile ''

Download for iOS

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