SDK 3.6 Release Information


Core SDK

With this release we draw another support vector from the origin. IndoorAtlas is the pioneer in geomagnetic positioning and as still a fast developing area, we’ve been continuing research in the topic over the course of the years. In SDK 3.6, we deliver our best positioning accuracy to date through improvements in the processing of the geomagnetic field measurements. Customers who take the new SDK into use, will experience faster convergence times on average.

Last year we saw great traction for our cart-optimised positioning in the SDK, the so called on-wheels mode, especially in retail in venues like supermarkets and airports. To support such applications, SDK 3.6 includes a major update that enables more accurate tracking of carts.

As of SDK 3.6, the iOS SDK is now available as a xcframework which makes it easier to integrate to apps which already use the framework.

Apart from the mentioned changes, with each SDK version we also release a few hidden features that have passed our internal evaluation. The cloud-based configurability of the IndoorAtlas SDK allows us to selectively enable such features for early-adopters, customers working in suitable use cases. Thus, don’t hesitate contacting us if you have an idea for which you don’t see supported by our SDK yet!

IndoorAtlas Showcase Apps

The IndoorAtlas Positioning app for Android now includes two new built-in capabilities: Geofence-based voice alarms and Geofence-triggered Ad display. Previously these commonly requested features needed to be developed by you, but this helps you include them in your stakeholder demonstrations – without any coding. See this guide for details.